Top 6 VPN Affiliate Products

  When we say about the VPN niche, it is one of the highly profitable and competitive affiliate product. And when we say about the worth for VPN Affiliate Products is $44.6 Billion and this is growing rapidaly. And as per the market expectation it will cross $77 Billion by year of 2026. Below are the 3 other VPN affiliate programs benefits.

  VPN Affiliate Earning  
(1)VPN prices are low:-Due to low price promotion is quite easy, which also means more sales.

(2)Commission rates are high:-This means this offers high rates of commission per sale.

(3)Many programs offer recurring commission:-IF you are a top-performing affiliate marketers can also negotiate their own commission rates.

We can not say every VPN afiiliate programs are equal. Some of the products are not upto scratch and some of them are a poor customer support. So to provide you great help we will pick top 5 Affiliate products. .

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  Top 6 VPN Affiliate Marketing
  1. ExpressVPN Affiliate Program 2. NordVPN Affiliate Program  
  3. Surfshark Affiliate Program 4. IPVanish Affiliate Program  
  5. CyberGhost Affiliate Program 6. PureVPN Affiliate Program  
  (1)ExpressVPN Affiliate Program  
When we say about the ExpressVPN Affiliate Program, it is one of the most popular VPN program. ExpressVPN was the most commonly #1 ranked VPN provide among big news sites. 96% of all the VPN sites we analyzed recommended ExpressVPN.

Below are the commission structure for ExpressVPN.
Plan Total Price Commission($) Commission(%)
1-month package $12.95 $13 100%
  6-month package $80.04 $22 45%  
12-month package $59.95 $36 44%
  Expree VPN Affiliate  

In addition to affiliate materials and customized landing pages, affiliates receive help with SEO, UX, design, and content from dedicated affiliate account managers. Commission are paid montly via paypal before 15 of every month and a minimum payout of US$100. And a wire transfers for commissions over $1000 per month.

And this is best for below type of users:-

Best for medium to expert level marketers.

Some important facts about the Semrush affiliate program that you need to know:-

Commission: Up to $36 per sale initially Payment
Methods: Paypal, Direct Wire
Cookie duration: Not listed
Owner: Kape Technologies s

  (2)NordVPN Affiliate Program  
When we say about the NordVPN, it is fast, safe and reliable VPN to promote. NordVPN is best for you. It offers a wide range of features including Malware protection, ad blocker, tracker blocker, etc to shield your online activities. When we say about the number of user NordVPN is trusted by 14 million users. And they offers 30 day money back guarantee. You can earn a commission of 40% to 100% for each successful sale generated through your affiliate links. On renewals, you can generate a flat 30% commission.

NordVPN is the second one of most popular VPN program. And 96% of sites recommended NordVPN.

Below are the different commission rates as per the recurring sales.
Number Plan Commission(%) Renewal(%)
1 1-month New Signup 100% Renewal 30%
  2 6-month New Signup 40% Renewal 30%  
3 1-year New Signup 40% Renewal 30%
  4 2-year New Signup 40% Renewal 30%  
  Nord VPN  
Besides signing up directly through the site, affiliates can also access the program through most affiliate networks: CJ, Impact, Awin, Tradedoubler, etc.

And this is best for below type of users:-

This program is best if your content have online security, faster Internet services, and more – NordVPN is a great affiliate program for you.

Some important facts about the Semrush affiliate program that you need to know:-

Commission: from 40% to 100% per new signup & 30% renewal
Payment Methods: Cryptocurrency, Wire Transfer, PayPal
Cookie duration: 30 days
Owner: Nord Security

  (3)Surfshark Affiliate Program  
When we say about the Surfshark Affiliate Program, it is most famous and ranked as second or third best VPN providers. This is owned by Nord Secuirty, which also owns NordVPN. If you are searching for some award winning Platform then you are searches close here.

Surfshark was launched in 2018 and quickly ranked in top 3 VPN platform. This will offers a plethora features of VPN which inlcudes private DNS & leak protection, a strict no-logs policy, two-factor authetication and many more. Surfshark currently has more then 3200 servers in 95 countries which offers 30 day money back gurantee on all of there pricing plans.

The Surfshark affiliate program can be found on several affiliate platforms, including Avant, Impact Radius, and Tunes. You need not to own the website to join the program, although Surfshark says it would be preferable to have one. You can promote their products through various social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  Surfshark VPN  
And this is best for below type of users:-

If you are a YouTuber, affiliate marketer, blogger who is looking to promote a leading premium VPN platform, Surfshark is best for you. This will also gives access to real-time tracking, with help of that you can track your performance.

Some important facts about the Semrush affiliate program that you need to know

Commission: 40%+
Payment Methods: Wire Transfer, PayPal, Crypto
Cookie duration: 30 days
Owner: Nord Security
Access To:-Dedicated account managerl

  4.IPVanish Affiliate Program  
When we say about the IPVanish it was recommended by 84% of VPN website as per the survey, which bring this VPN affiliate at number 4. This will offers 50% commission on all sales montly, quarterly or annual plans. Here commission are not recuring but offer unlimited occurrences.

If any of your customer who buys multiple products within the 45-day cookie window, you’ll earn a commission on each sale. Because IPVanish offers all offers 30 day money back offers so commissions are approved on the 31st day after the signup date. As per information IPVanish affiliate program is available through the CJ Affiliate network. AS per the team of experienced digital marketers from OPMpros, including designers, email marketers, and SEO strategists.

  IPVanish VPN Affiliate  
Some important facts about the Semrush affiliate program that you need to know

Commission: 50% commission on monthly, quarterly, or annual plans
Payment Methods: PayPal, ACH (only for US-based affiliates)
Cookie duration: 45 days
Owner: Ziff Davisl

  (5)CyberGhost Affiliate Program  
When we say about the CyberGhost Affiliate Program, 96% user votes for CyberGhost. It is also rates in top two virtual private network providers. This company is owned by Kape technologies. Other most popular company ExpresVPN is also owned by the owner which is ranked in top 10. CyberGhost pays commissions 100% for montly sales and 45% on annual subscriptions referred in 45 day. CyberGhost describes as the “most competitive earnings in the industry”. Special commissions are offered to high-performing affiliates.

CyberGhost has one of the dedicated team and affiliate account managers to help you promote VPN services more effectively. This will also offers affiliates access to customized graphics and landing pages. This will also have features like real-time performance statistics and notifications about upcoming promotions.

  CyberGhost VPN  
Some important facts about the Semrush affiliate program that you need to know

Commission: Up to 100% on monthly sales; 45% on annual subscriptions
Payment Methods: Unlisted
Cookie duration: 45 days
Owner: Kape

  (6)PureVPN Affiliate Program  
When we say about the PureVPN this will be recommended by half of user of VPN. And this is one of the best virtual private networks on the market. PureVPN offers two types of commission, 100% on monthly plan and for longer term plan 40% bounty program plus a 35% recurring commission for lifetime. Special commissions and bonuses are offered to high performers.

Commission payouts are made from the 15th – 20th of every month, with a threshold of $100 for PayPal and $500 for wire transfers. The popular VPN provider is trusted by more than 3 million users and offers one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the industry.

  pureVPN Affiliate  
And this is best for below type of users:-

Any one who writes blogs, youtube videos etc.,to educate their audience about protecting themselves on the internet and accessing geo-restricted or censored content.

Some important facts about the Semrush affiliate program that you need to know:-

Average commission rate:-40% (on annual/biennial plan) and 100% (on monthly plan) 35% recurring commission on all plans for lifetime.
Niche:- Virtual Private Networks
Cookie Duration:- 90 days
Payout method:- Through direct bank transfer and PayPal Minimum Threshold? $100 PayPal, $500 Bank transfer


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