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How to Start A Blog (Site) and Start Earning over $5000 Every Month

(Step by Step Information) 


If you want to know how to start a blog and develop it from $0 to $5000 per month in passive income?


And if you are planning to start a new from scratch? Then you are on right place.


One of my blog makes $5000+ every single month in passive income.


All of us knows growing a blog to $5k or more a month is viable task.


In last year 2022, one of our blog overcome with $75000. In 2021 year we earned $64000.

start a blog


In last year 2022, one of our blog overcome with $75000. In 2021 year we earned $64000.

All of us knows growing a blog to $5k or more a month is viable task.

Starting any of blog is extremely easy but start making profit from it is tedious task.

After end of this detailed guide you will be in position to start a WordPress blog and have some idea to make profits from it.

Over the past 13 years, we've started and develop a number of blogs so we have the understanding of how to launch a blog properly which actually gets traffic and makes some good profits. Here you'll discover how to create a blog and start making $5k or more every month from it.

This Article will guide you to start a blog and make profit from it. It is a brief description on starting a new blog so you should grab a cup of tea and let started now.

Let first talk about 5 easy steps to build a successful blog and how can we start making over $5000 every month from this blog.

   1. Choosing a profitable niche
   2. Buy Domain & Hosting
   3. Choose a blog theme
   4. Generate blog content
   5. Setup SEO & Analytics

I hope you are now curious to launch a blog. Now jump into details.

How To Start A Blog In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Choosing a profitable niche Step 2: Buy Domain & Hosting Step 3: Choose a blog theme
Step 4: Generate blog content Step 5: Setup SEO & Analytics  

Practical Things To Do After Starting a Blog How To Build A Blog That Makes $5,000 Every Single Month?  

Step 1: Choosing a profitable niche [Just in 5 Minutes]


As per the survey thousand of new bloggers constantly ask one common question "How should we pick a niche for my blog?".


As per the beginner this is one of the valid question comes in mind. And your blog's success starts with your niche selection.


Bad luck, most of people get one thing wrong. Almost 99% of new blogger quit as they choose Broad topic or wrong niche.


If you do not want that to happen and are looking for foolproof ways to pick a money-making niche below are some SOLID tips.



start a blog
  Be specific on ONE topic ONLY

First thing that you need to think is that when you are choosing a niche, not think about the broad niche for example "make money online".

Now questions comes to our mind why? Because there are millions of sites which covering the same topic. So even you will trying hard and create exceptional content, it's extremely hard to succeed because of Huge competition.

Instead you should try some narrow blogs and choose niches like "make money with freelancing".

You can also even narrow down further like "make money with freelance writing". So there we have very less competition so you can create epic content to get rank #1 in Google.

So that the main think you can build an authority blog in a smaller niche and sure that niche make huge profits in the long run.

Below are the some of the profitable niche ideas for 2023:-
  • Make Money Online
  • Finance
  • Travel or Outdoor
  • Fitness
  • Self Help or Personal Development
  • Relationships
  • LifeStyle
  • Real Estate
As per the above niche ideas these are "Broad Niches". And you should narrow down those ideas to just one topic such as "affiliate marketing tips for small cap" instead of "affiliate marketing" and one more narrow down example is "SEO Training for copywriters" instead of creating a site like "SEO".

For every great niche we have 3 things that are common:-

  (1)What you enjoy doing (ex. I enjoy doing "SEO")
  (2)For what people will pay for(people spend millions of dollars on doing "SEO")
  (3)What you are goos at(I have been doing "SEO" my whole life)

I hope you are getting it? So that we have create this blog BloggerGiants mostly covers all the topic on "SEO".

You should try to follow a similar approach. Only when you narrow down to just ONE method or topic, you all have high chances to succeed!

  Find A Problem And Try To Build A Site Around It

So the best way to build profitable blog is to find a problem you would like to solve.

So be possitive and think about all the problems you are facing or may get the same in the future.

Here you can consider problems about anthing around Carrer, Family, Relationships, College, Making Money Online and so on.

Now you will make a list of blogs which are already covering those problems ( For instance, "How to lose belly fat").

Now the next thing is you find out how these blogs are adding traffic, especially from search engine like Google. Here you can also check out their "popular blog posts" or you can use some good tools like "Semrush" to find their "traffic-generating keywords".

You should repeat the same process with other blogs as well.

Now after reading above lines you all have some plenty of topic ideas or keywords to start a new blog around.

And the best part? you are now goinf to launch a blog which solves a particular problem!


Step 2: Buy Domain & Hosting [For your blog]


Now jump to second step, To start a money-making blog is to selct a memorable domain name whcih is easy to remeber and type.


Domain name is the first point and most of first time visitors see when they visit your blog.


Domain name will have a good first-time impression but it will also impatcs on SEO, Coversions, Sales and so on.


Domain good name always define your brand so make sure to spend a good quality time to come up with a domain name that's shorter, easy to pronounce and eay to remember.



start a blog
Some Quick Tips To Select A Domain Name

To pick a memorable domain name it is always a toughest task to choose that.

And if you are struggling to come up with a good domain name below are the some quick tips for you.

(1)Domain Length

Try to select a domain which a short name as possible. Although we can not find a one-word domains like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, twitter etc. But if you brainstorm enough, you can find 2-word domains like BloggerGiants, IndiaHoor etc which are easier to remember.

(2)Easy to remember and easy to type

You always try to pick a domain name which is easy to type and easy to remember. So you need to brainstorm a lot of ideas to come up with such as "easy to remember" domains but it's worth your efforts.

If you need more help you can also get inspiration from other blogs in same industry. And even you can also try merging two different words to form a useful domain such as given below:-
  • Blogger Giants
  • Social Triggers
  • Fitness Pal
  • Copy Blogger
  • Blogging Buddha and have long list
(3)Use domain generator tools
If you are still struggling to get some good name you cam use domain generator tools.
Below are some of the tools which we can use for free.

  (2)Name Station
  (3)Instant Domain Search

All of above domain name generators provide us a big number of domain name ideas upon entering a keyword or topic. USe must try for your domain search.

Once you are done with domain name next thing is that you need to choose a good web host.


Step 3: Choose a blog theme


Next step is important as WYSIWYG(What you see is what you get) in this step you need to set up a blog, and here you need to give a definite look and feel to your blog.


You will notice how each of blog feels and looks different even if you are using WordPress for hosting for all the blogs. And the website design is due to WordPress Themes.


Your Website design basically represent your brand feel and decide how your visitor convert. That is why you must choose a premium WordPress theme.



start a blog
Some Recommendation:

If you are looking for good custom designed themes it will cost you approx $1200 or more. But you do not need to shell out so much money as this will boost your site for future.

And to start a new blog, you always need a easy simple and a professional theme. And if you are saying for some Elegant Themes which will cost you $80 and you will get access to some amazing themes like Divi and page builder like we have in Divi Builder.

And there are some cheper option also avialble which will cost $59 per year( We have also used the same thing in one of our blogs).

  Some Tips To Get A Wining Blog Design:

  • Logo is very essential to invest your good time and money you will get that in $5 on some freelancing website like Fiverr (Depends on your Budget).
  • If you choose Elegant Themes you will get 87 different themes, choose the one that best fits your need.
  • Try not to add ads on your blog at least not before you have a meaningful number of visitors.
  • Leave a lot of white space.
  • Use some social sharing buttons to help your readers spread the word about your posts. The best thing about WordPress is, it has a ton of plugins (like tools) that you can install and get the work done. You can choose a premium social sharing plugin like Social Snap.




Step 4: Generate blog content


Now we are in step 4 here we have setup our blog, it will be blank and will have nothing for your readers expect the Themes we have created in previous step.


And for sucessful blogs you need content to showcase your readers. ANd this content give an idea to your reader that what type of content and post you have in your blog..


And if we say about the entries in your blog we have divided it into two types:


1. Basic important pages

2. Content that sells (posts).



start a blog
For Help:- If you are looking for some content automatically. There are multiple tools available in market for this. And Jasper is one of them which offers free trial. And you have paid option alos available for this.

1. Basic important pages

These pages are most basic and important pages and every blog or website must have these. And you need to write a compelling "About us" page, which will house your purpose of your website or blog, your team members and what visitors can expect etc and many more.
Other pages you must add are:-
  • (1)Privacy Policy Page
  • (2)Contact Page
  • (3)Any serivces page(If we have any) .
2. Content that sells (posts)

Here in this blog writing process is what is going to continue as far as your blogging continues. And these writing are called blog articles or entries. When you are writing first blog entry can be difficult if you have never managed a blog before but it doesn’t need to be complicated.
Below are the step by step process for publishing your first blog entry easily.

Few things to keep in mind while creating a content making plan side by side of your new blog launch announcement:
(1)Be Sure That You Must Have Enough Articles To Satisfy Visitors:-

When we say about the content in your website and you get the word about your blog out there, You need to have enough articles so that visitor will stick around for a while. Having more than 5 articles is considered ideal for a new website your doing. And more is always positive for your blog!

If you have more content on blog it will helps you on below points:-

  • Reduce the bounce rates on blogs
  • Give you more time to focus on next step just like promotion.
  • Try to increase your business impression by showcasing your expertise on the subject.


(2)Try To Create A Pillar Post:-
Pillar Post are something that are ambitious guides on the topic. And Pillar post are often the one larger than other posts and should be catered towards problem solving in your niche. You must write at least one pillar post prior to your launch so that you can show your authority in your niche.

To under stand this we will take a example of food blog while starting food blog, you can create a resource on complete guide to food photography or the ultimate guide to kitchen maintenance. Always make sure how to find keywords for your niche that can help you with more traffic.

And there are number of free tools available in market which help us to get some good keywords.


Step 5: Set up SEO & Analytics


Last step while start a blog is the most important step is to optimize your blog for search engines.


This step is most money making part and very crucial becuase search engines are what will drive oraganic traffic to your blog.


We have covered some points put that in four steps and these steps will helps to make your blog search engine optimized.



start a blog
(1) Install WordPress SEO Plugin:
As we are using WordPress, Rank Math is the most useful and useable plugin which will make sure that your posts are SEO-optimized. This will helps you in setting up search snippets and also create a sitemap for your blog. And this also has free version which is best for begineers.

(2)Add Google Analytics Code:
When we say about the Google Analytics it is like a soul of your blog. This will helps you track your page views and the unique visitors at any point of time. And for some extra it will also teslls you which pages get the most traffic, and what are the different keywords bring you traffic and a heck load of data about your visitors like demographics, device used to access your blog and interests etc.

And to make your blog professional must add Google Analytics to your blogs.

(3)Submit Site to Google Search Console:
Google search console is one of the platform where you can operate your site, the sitelinks that you want to appear, disavow bad backlinks etc. You can submit your sitemap to Google here.

Other then Google searh control you can submit your blog to Bing and Yahoo webmaster tools. These will also helps to get blog most popular among other.

(4)Create Official Pages On Social Media Platforms:
This is one of the essential to create a brand so creating your brand presence and will also give your domain some trust signals. And in Pinterest to verify in Pinterest you need to verify domain ownership which can be done with Yoast easily.


Practical Things To Do After Starting a Blog


Once we done with all 5 above steps, now you will focus on publicity and Monotizing the blog. And to make money we have specified the 5 main step to monetize a new blog:-


(1)Choose the right monetization method

(2)Build a large and engaged audience from day one and be stick on provide value to your readers.

(3)Add some good tools by investing in them

(4)Think positive and Long Term

(5)SEO can be your best bet.



start a blog
To get 6 figure income blog is not so hard or rocket science. You need to do 2 things here:-

(1)Building your blog audience
(2)Menetizing your audience

That being said, if you are looking for a detailed layout and blueprint of how to launch a blog that generates $5k or more every single month, here are 5 PROVEN steps for you.
(1)Choose the right monetization method
Before start any of blogs you must have blueprint in your mind. And you must know how to make money from your bloge before your are starting your blogs.

If you are well aware of what monetize method you are using? Are you going to use affiliate marketing? or you want to sell online course? If you are creating monetization strategy in advance, you can easily follow a framework whcih helps you actaully generate profits from your blog.

There are multiple income source you can consider to create a monetization blog but we are doing discuss on 3 of them now:-

(1)Making Money Through Affiliate Products

When we say about our blog "Bloggergiants" majority of our incomes generated by selling affiliate products. So our monetization strategy mostly revolves around selling affiliate products.

So we need to rely heavily on SEO and on organic traffic as it converts really better when compared to other traffic channels like social media or referrals.

Mainly affiliate marketing is all about selling others products for some percent of commission where you will get paid whenever you make a successful affiliate sales. That that sales is generated through your affiliate referral links.

So if you are looking at monetization strategy using affiliate marketing, you should create contents which educate your audience. Here you can also target commercial keywords.

Below are the few content types which mainly work as this model:

  • Case Studies
  • Affiliate Marketing product reviews
  • Comparison Posts
  • Discounts and promo codes

(2)Making Money Selling our own Products

There are another fantastic monetization strategy we can use apart from affiliate marketing, It is mainly concern to selling our own products. And this will include a range of things like:
  • Selling your own merchandise
  • Selling our own stuff such as eBooks, Tools and Plugins
  • Selling online courses and so on....

And when we say some example of such blogs which are using this type of monetization strategy include:

  • I will teach you to be rich
  • Videofruit
  • Social Triggers

Above 3 blogs are earning millions of dollars by selling online course. And if you want to use same type of monetization strategy then the following type of content performs well.

  • Create in-depth articles around the products you want to create
  • Highly educational stuff
  • Problem solving contents and so on...


(3)Making Money From Consulting

 You can also choose this option for making money to offer consulting, private mentorships or 1 on 1 consulting services from your blogs as it’s another great monetization strategy.

The key to make more money from this kind of monetization strategy is that you need to focus on increasing your personal brand. You should establish yourself as an expert or thought leader in your industry.

(2)SEO is Your Best Bet
Jump upto $5k per month is not a easy task. It will take some time to achecieve that.

You can not make $5K a month right after launching your blog especially if you do not have any prior experience. The best bet can be an SEO.

When we say about SEO, theer are mainly 3 things which really matter.


(1)Content:- If you are doing on some articles do not go with short articles. Focus on creating some long articles with atleast 2k+ words as search engines ranks them well. And these long articles attract more social shares and backlinks.

(2)Keywords:- Before going to publish our post, always be sure to do keyword research. And keyword is all about finding keywords which helps us to rank well in search engines(like Google). Always try to find low competitive long tail keyword which have High CPC(Cost per Click) to create better organic traffic.

And for help you can use tools like Semrush to find keyword no matter what indutry you are in. You can use the below link to get a free trial of Semrush.

(3)Backlinks:- When we say about the backlink these are counted as "Votes". And to perform well in Google search, you need to attract highly relevant and quality backlinks.

Below are few ways to get backlinks to your site or blogs.
  • Guest Posting (writing posts for other sites to get links to your site)
  • Using Blogger outreach
  • Using weekly roundups of other bloggers
  • Broken link Building

(3)Diverse Traffic and Income Sourcest
It is true fact that do not put your eggs in one basket.

And you always need to diversify your traffic sources.

2.4 million page views in last 3 months (last 3 months).

Here our blogs traffic stats for last 3 months. The best part is that, we did not spend even a penny on marketing it.
  The best part is that we get traffic from all sources including social media channels, Google, email lists, Quora and manymore.

You should also do the same things if you want to build a profitable blog in the long run.

(4)Think Long Term
No one can create a money making blog overnight. It always take time. We have started our blog in 2020. Now we are earning $5k each month which means it will take 3 year to get 0 to $5K.

And if you are thinking to build a money making blog you need to think long term. And do not think quick results. Try to find out some strategies work better for you after 2-3 years. Then, work towards such goals from today. That how you can succeed.

(5)Invest in the Right Tools
AWe cannot make money without actually investing money. It takes money to make money online. If you get that right, you can build a profitable blog really quickly. Although there are a ton of premium tools out there but you should invest money in the following places.
  • Web hosting (consider a reliable hosting)
  • Email marketing (MailChimp)
  • SEO tools (Semrush)

  Some Other Useful Articles:-  

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Note:-You can use Free Blogging to do some practice to  improve your skill click here for more details


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