Top 12 Most Important Factors for On-Page SEO


Here in this topic you will understand, what is On-Page SEO and why it is so important, and the 12 most important factors for On-Page SEO for success.


If you want to be successful in organic search you need to combine this below factor. As search engine consider on-page and off-page as important as some other factors.


If we back in past history over the years we see off-page techniques is used more for SEO for example we use link building and some other technical elements.


But if we will not provide attention to on-page SEO  and focus on off-page SEO, it will not do much for you. And all professional SEO knows that on-page SEO optimization should be constantly prioritized day by day.


One important point is here is that search engines are constantly evolving to adapt on-page SEO. So it is important to make sure that you are always up to date for SEO knowledge.

On-Page SEO 2022


What is On-Page SEO


The other name of on-page SEO is on-site SEO which is refers to do practice of optimize your web pages which improved websites search engine rankings and get organic traffic.


Other important aspects is when your publishing relevant, good quality content, here on-page SEO includes optimize your HTML Tags, Headline and Images. For success you should also be sure that your website has high level of expertise, Trustworthiness and authoritativeness for on-page SEO.


on-page SEO

Why it is Important to do On-Page SEO


On-page SEO will helps search engines to acknowledge your websites and your web site content. And will also helps search engine to understand that your content is relevant to a searcher's query or questions.


Today search engines are more clever and they are more focus on relevance and semantics in search engine result pages.


To understand this we will take example of Google. Google is using a complex algorithms which will help it to understand below two important points:-


(1)It will helps google search engine to understand what user is actually searching when they type any of the query.


(2)And this will deliver search results which meet user intent for example shopping, navigational and informational.


So it is quite necessary while development, that you should ensure your website and its content should be well optimized according to latest best practices. And you should take care that your website and content which is visible to user's like text, image, audio and video and elements which are visible to search engine are well optimized.


We can't ignore on-page SEO as we have more control in on-page SEO when we compare that with off-page SEO (Which is mainly depends on external) . If we are more focus into on-page strategies it will result in boost of traffic and have some increase in presence in search engine.


Now we will focus on 12 most important factor on-page SEO. 



E-A-T basically stands for Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness its framework which is used by Google raters to get content creators, web-pages and websites as a whole.


Google is always hungry about the high quality content. And high quality content will be rewarded with benefit of good ranking and websites that create low-quality content get less visibility when we compare this with high quality content.


So E-A-T play an important role in Google Organic search results we can call it correlation. This means E-A-T is and important factor in SEO strategy.



(2)HTTP vs HTTPs

Both of these are two protocol which we use before domain name. And as per Google search engine it will give preference to HTTPS over HTTP. As HTTPS is more secure then HTTP.

  HTTP vs HTTPs  

To make your website secure you should need an SSL certificate from your hosting providers.


Main function of HTTPs SSL is this will encrypt your data. And will also take care that data transferred between web server and browser should be secure and private. This will also helps in boost effectiveness and also reduce loading time of web pages.



(3)Image Optimization

Sometime a little image will explain more then you add a number of lines of content. So adding image in good manner will make your web pages most effective and more appealing.


Sometime image will play some negative role it may slow down your website. So optimizing of images will helps a lot to make its a valuable asset in SEO.


Images will also helps in ranking opportunities when some user do Google Image search. You should always take care that use descriptive titles and alt text.



  Image Optimization


(4)Internal Linking

Internal Linking plays an important role and most often it get missed in on-page SEO. If your website grows it is quite important to build and internal linking process. If you use that in proper form it will helps crawlers to discover your website, explore content and will crawls all the context of various pages.

Internal Linking

If internal linking is not well placed it will do negative impact on user ability to approach content on websites. We can use internal links which will advance your on-page SEO. Below are the two points which should consider when you do on-page SEO:-


(i)Always include links to related content in new posts.

(ii)Always include links from related content in new posts.


It is always better to include new page should contains 2-3 links of exiting related content. If you don't have any related content then please don't force to place link. In absence of internal link we can generate pillar content instead.



(5)Title Tag

Title tag is placed in head section of every web-pages. This will helps user or search engine to get initial clue about what is the topical subject matter of current respective page.


And title tag is placed on the search engine result pages. Which is clickable when you search some data on search engine like google or in browser window.


Title tag also impact on organic rankings that is the main reason why it is overlooked sometimes.


Missing, duplicate and poorly written title tags can do opposite role(Negative Impact) in SEO results. So always make sure to optimize the Title tag.


(6)Meta Description

Meta description is a summary of your web-page that is often 160 character in length. As per google latest algorithm update it will have 120 characters for mobile(680 pixels) and 158 characters for desktop/laptop(920 pixels) as per below image.

  Meta Description  

In past days it is consider to be important aspects on SEO. As we knows that Meta descriptions and meta tags provide description of the page. Which is mainly displayed in the SERPs underneath the title pf page.


In latest algorithm this will not helps in ranking in Google. There is a testimonial evidence which says that better description will helps in SEO.


So meta description optimization will helps in:


(1)Improvement in CTR (Click through rate)

(2)It will in optimize of quality of the result.

(3)It will helps in optimize about your website changes.



A absorbing/riveting headlines will helps your website content to perform well on search.


A great headlines will boost the page rank and search. It is quite easy to choose a title for blog but a good title will helps to get a click and an impression. That is the main reason why it is important to create good headlines.


A healthy Headlines will helps to stand out on the SERPs. It will attract users to click through and continue reading the rest of the content.



(8)Header Tags

If your website is proper and well formatted then heading will helps search engine to understand the structure of your website and the main content of your websites.

  Header Tags  

Header tags are the HTML elements(h1-h6) which helps to get the heading and subheading within the content.


Header tags are not critical and important in site ranking. But these tags will helps users and your SEO. Header tag indirectly impact your ranking by:-


(1)H1-H6 tags will helps your visitor to get content easier and enjoyable while reading.

(2)It will helps search engines to get rich context about your content or we can say this will provides keyword rich context.


(9)SEO Writing

Before writing any of the content you must consider about the users and the search engines in mind. It is more important then keyword research. There should be some good strategy behind writing good SEO content.


Writing on web without any logic and quality is just a waste. As your are writing for the users so content must be Substantial, relevant and high quality.

You can also publish articles on Other website to get traffic and there are list of Free Website Guest Posting.




(10)Keyword Cannibalization

First we should take word Cannibalization which means competing with yourself. You have placed same keywords on multiple pages will not help your website on ranking.


  Keyboard Cannibalization  

And if your targeting a specific term(keyword) across multiple page which can cause "Keyword Cannibalization". And this can be potentially disastrous for SEO.


And it is important to identify keyword cannibalization exists on your website if yes then remove it right away.


(11)Content Audit

One of the most common mistake by website developer is that they will create a new content without audit there existing content. This audit will play crucial roles and helps you in below points:


(i)Old content in your website is gaining ROI and achieving its goals must evaluate time to time.

(ii)Time to time evaluate your website content that it is still accurate and if it is not then change or update it immediately

(iii)Must consider what types of content is suitable for you.


Content audits can help your SEO planning and they should be done on a regular basis. 


(12)User Engagement

Your using all of SEO factors on your websites will do half of SEO.


And to do other half you should think about the user visit and they will not bounce. They will remains continue to view your content and keep coming back for more.


Retains users is one of the great challenge but it is certainly possible. And to increase user engagement you should take care of Website speed, content optimization and user experience.


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